5 Reasons To Visit Krakow!

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5 Reasons To Visit Krakow!
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5 Reasons To Visit Krakow!

We present you the five reasons why you need to visit Krakow!

1. Krakow is a cultural metropolis!

The historic city centre of Krakow, which is on the World Heritage list of UNESCO, is built around the Rynek Glówny ( the main square ).
Here you will find beautiful churches and building and the square is known for its large population of Rock Pigeons, florist stalls, gift shops and horse-drawn carriages.

Krakow square

2. Krakow is budget friendly!

The currency of Poland is the Zloty. It is an adjustment to pay with another currency, but it will be worth it! For £10 you can have a 3 course meal, with a drink and still get money back! And you can bring souvenirs for the whole family, because it doesn’t cost a thing!


3. Wonderful excursions

Krakow is the perfect base for an excursion!
Visit Auschwitz, the former extermination and concentration camp. Here you can go to the impressive museum and see the barracks and train tracks.
Or visit the beautiful Wieliczka salt mines. The mines attraction include dozens of statues, three chapels and an entire cathedral all made out of salt!

Auschwitz and salt mines

4. Perfect nightlife!

Krakow is a student city, and therefore it has lots of bars and nightclubs.
Typical for Krakow are the lovely bars which are located in the basement, and the bartenders have the saying: If people are drinking, I am pouring!


5. Lovely food and drinks!

The Polish kitchen has much to offer. The traditional dishes are pierogi
(dough filled with meat, vegetable or cheese ), barszcz ( red beet soup), zurek ( soup with sausages and egg).
and are accompanied with a beer or vodka! There are numerous of colors and taste for Vodka, so enjoy!


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