Best Places To Eat: Atalier Amaro Restaurant

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Best Places To Eat: Atalier Amaro Restaurant
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Best Places To Eat: Atalier Amaro Restaurant

Today, the Best Place To Eat is:

Atelier Amaro Restaurant in Warsaw!

Located in a lovely park called Agrykola in Warsaw lies Atalier Amaro.
The chef is Wojciech Amaro, who is of Polish and Italian descent.

There are three different formats which you can choose from:
3 moments, 5 moments and 8 moments. All the dishes are an introduction to the diversity of natural Polish flavors.

Chef Wojciech Amaro has put the Polish cuisine on the map.
For his exquisite local and traditional Polish dishes he received the first Michelin star in Poland!

Opening hours:
Monday – Saturday : 18:00 – 22:30 (last order)


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