Best Places to Visit: The Białowieża Forest

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Best Places to Visit: The Białowieża Forest
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Best Places to Visit: The Białowieża Forest

Best Places to Visit
Every week a new interesting destination in Poland worth visiting.

This week: The Bialowieza Forest
The Białowieża Forest is Europe’s last remaining primeval forest. Located on the border of Belarus and Poland, this immense forest range consisting of evergreens and broadleaved trees is the home of some remarkable animal life, including rare and interesting mammals. The park comprises about one-tenth of the entire Białowieża Primeval Forest, which has a wide range of flora and fauna typical of both Western and Eastern Europe.

The park protects a part of the last and one of the largest surviving areas of European primeval lowland mixed forest: pine, beech, oak, alder and spruce. The forest dates back to 8000 BC and is the only remaining example of the original forests, which once covered much of Europe.

Source: UNESCO

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