Fun facts about Poland

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Fun facts about Poland
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Fun facts about Poland

Here are some fun facts you probably do not know about Poland:

• The national symbol of Poland is the White Tailed Eagle
• Polish officers use a two-finger salute
• The name day is more important than the birthday for Polish people (local calendars often contain the names that are celebrated on a certain day and month)
• Polish people peel bananas from the blossom and not from the stem end
• The highest mountain is named Rysy, has a height of 2,499 meter and is situated in the Tatra Mountains
• For dogs the name ‘Burek’ is very popular. It literally means brownish grey colour
• If you order pizza in Poland you get the tomato sauce separately in a pitcher
• Every year a festival is held in Wroclaw where they host horse archery and medieval dances for locals and tourists
• In Poland toilet paper is made of crepe
• Poland residents, out of all the members of the European Union, marry the youngest
• The largest households of the European Union can be found in Poland
• Polish persons have won a total of 16 Nobel Prizes, till this date
• The first person to theorize that the Earth was not the centre of the universe was the famous Polish astronomer Nicolas Copernicus

If you know more interesting facts about Poland you can share them below!

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