Jazz Jamboree Festival

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Jazz Jamboree Festival
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Jazz Jamboree Festival

The Jazz Jamboree Festival is one of the oldest and biggest European Jazz festivals and is held every year in the capital of Poland, Warsaw. The Jazz Jamboree is organized by the Jazz Jamboree Foundation.

The first Jazz Jamboree Festival took place in the year 1958 (18 to 21 September) and was organised by Hot-Club Hybrydy. The first three editions of the festival took place in student’s club Stodola. After this, the location of the festival changed to Filharmonia Narodowa. Since 1965 till the present day, all editions of the festival have been held in the Sala Kongresowa, which can be found in the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw.

Upcoming Jazz concerts in the Sala Kongresowa:
11.26.2013 Mark Withfield – James Genus Band (USA)
12.14.2013 Kevin Mahogany – Quintet (USA)

For more concerts you can take a look at the website of the festival:

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