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Stop Trik Film Festival
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Stop Trik Film Festival

Stop-motion animation is one of the oldest special effects used in movies. It is the technique where you string a lot of frames together, which makes it look like there is movement. This is how cartoon movies are made, and also movies with clay figures, such as the famous Wallace and Gromit. Even though the special effects that are used these days are much more complex, stop motion is still very popular. Two Polish film-studies graduates even organized a festival about it! This is the third year in a row they organize the Stop Trik Film Festival. In 2011 they organized this for the first time, and it was a big success. From October 25 till 27 they welcome other stop-motion lovers to Niepołomice.

The first stop-motion movie ever made was done by a Pole in 1911, so it is not as crazy as it seems to devote a whole weekend to it. Michael, one of the founders of the festival, explains that the technique requires a lot of dedication. He thinks that it is a true craftsmanship. His girlfriend Olga shares his enthusiasm. ‘Stop-motion manages to fool the viewer. It looks very real, while it is all made from abstract objects,’ she says.

Niepołomice is only 25 kilometers away from Krakow, so why not get up there this weekend? Be amazed by this fascinating technique and be amazed by all its possibilities. 35 movies will be shown, and there will be workshops and lectures too. The full program can be found here.

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