The night life of Krakow

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The night life of Krakow
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The night life of Krakow

Krakow is a city full of numerous restaurants, cafes, pubs and music clubs, which are impossible to count. These are the ones you have to rembember and visit.

Almost in every house in the Old Town is located at least one relaxation room. There are restaurants serving almost all dishes from every part of the world, but also atmospheric clubs where you can dance the night away. Old Town and its surroundings are among the largest entertainment centers in Europe. Besides this district has the most number of bars per square meter in the world. For several years, they’re overwhelmed by tourists from the whole world. Most restaurants and bars are located either in the attic or basement. In the latter are often given live jazz performances, Krakow indeed carries the title of capital of Polish jazz. Harris Piano Jazz Bar is a must. In the attic you will find again liqueur cigar bars and lounges where you can sink comfortably in a chair.

Kazimierz district is also a important point of Krakow. Only here you can find Krakow’s most atmospheric and cult full places. Thanks to the extraordinary architecture of this district and a wide range of leisure activities, Kazimierz is an equally attractive place just like Old Town, to spend free time. (Source:,

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