The Young City Project in Gdansk

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The Young City Project in Gdansk
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The Young City Project in Gdansk

Young City is a revitalization project of the former shipyard area in Gdansk, Poland. It is currently one of the largest waterfront revitalization projects in Europe. A whole new district of circa 70 ha is to be regenerated immediately adjacent to the historic Old Town.

The Young City Gdansk project will restore and conserve the best of the renowned dockside buildings and protected monuments – for a variety of new uses such as offices, arts studios, flats, speciality shopping, hotels and conferencing, bars and restaurants – and lots of public space and waterfront boardwalks. The project also introduces an exciting range of new buildings. This will capture the history and forge a new destiny for Young City Gdansk, ultimately connecting Gdansk’s city centre again with the waterfront.

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