Traditions in Krakow

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Traditions in Krakow
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Traditions in Krakow

Krakow is a special city in Poland with lots of culture! Is has many cultural landmarks. But also very wonderful traditions:

Dragon cage

You will find the dragon cage under the hill of Wawel. It is the most famous cage in Poland. The myth is going that there was a dragon living in the cage in the Middle Ages. He was fed daily with cattle. The ruler, King Krak, promised a marriage between the hero and his daughter if he slayed the dragon. Skuba, who was a shoemaker, slaughtered a sheep and filled it with sulfer and closed the sheep by sewing its stomach. When the dragon ate the sheep, he caught fire and jumped in the river the Wisla. After this the dragon never returned. Nowadays there is a huge statue of the dragon near the dragon cage.



In 1241 a sentry alarmed the city when they were being attacked. But after four notes an arrow perforated his throat. Since the 19th century a trumpet player plays the four notes every hour in the Maria church.


Every first Thursday after Sacramentsday (second Thursday after Pentecost) the inhabitants of Krakow celebrate Lajkonik. Accompanied by music and dressed as a Tatar, the hero of the town enters the city centre. The man are dressed as warriors and are accompanied by a rocking horse. The procession begins at the monastery in Zwierzyniec and ends three hours later at the cloth hall at Rynek Glowny.


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