Wintersport in Poland

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Wintersport in Poland
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Wintersport in Poland

When you think about the Polish city Zakopane, you think about skiing. The town of Zakopane is located at the foot of the Tatras. Tatra Mountain is located nearby Krakow. It’s a very good place to ski, because on the highest peaks there’s always snow. Even without skis it is possible to reach the top of Mount Kasprowy Wierch, because the cable car is at everyone’s disposal. On top of this mountain (1985 m high) you’re ‘with one leg in Slovakia and the other in Poland’. It is the most popular and convenient place to do downhill skiing. Not only the mountains are worth a visit, also the area around the mountains is beautiful. Besides, Zakopane is not just a ski resort, it is also a spa: there are enough pools, tennis courts and fitness centers.

Skiing areas
The slopes of Zakopane are spread over six different skiing areas: Harenda, Gubałówka, Polana Szymoszkowa, Nosal, Koziniec i Antałówka and Kasprowy Wierch. Kasprowy Wierch is the best known and most attractive ski resort of Zakopane. The ski runs are divided into blue, red and black runs. In most of the areas, you can also do evening skiing. There are different small skiing schools in and around Zakopane, but it is recommended to participate in one of the big skiing schools. The instructors give their lessons in English or German. The largest skiing schools in Zakopane are ‘Gaj Ski’ on Kasprowy Wierch, ‘Harenda Ski’ on the Harenda and ‘Katarzyna Strama’ on the Nosal.

Renting skis or a snowboard is possible in three ski areas in the center of Zakopane.  Prices of ski and snowboard rental amount to approximately € 6 – € 9 per day. A skiing pass for one day costs 15 euros, so skiing in Zakopane is relatively cheap.  The disadvantage of this area is that there’s no option to rent passes for an entire week. You buy a ski pass which is valid for only one day.

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